Chan Tao On, better known as Jacky Gor Gor or On Gor ("Gor" means elder brother in Chinese), is a veteran media practitioner. He was the former Production Manager of Satellite Television Chinese Channel, Head of Hong Kong Metro Broadcast 997. The huge success of the game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” owed a great deal to the amazing hosting performance of Mr. Kenneth Chan, who was selected by On Gor at the time he assumed office as Director of Production Resources of Asia Television. Another highlight would be “On Gor’s Classmate Union”, a program of RTHK Radio 2 since 2018 where celebrities were interviewed by On Gor and shared their inspirational stories. 

In parallel with his media career, On Gor has been involved with professionalism and significant contributions in multiple professions including charity work, education, and creative writing. However, it was On Gor’s profound knowledge in food and culinary arts that defined his well-known public appearance as a passionate food aficionado. For example, he was invited to be the associate producer and the host of the “Chef’s Dialogue” program under the HKTDC Food Expo, cover model of food magazine “The Dining Map”, as well as food columnist for MingPao Weekly. On Gor was also the associate producer and the host of television shows on food broadcast in VIU TV and HK Open TV.

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