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Dan Pang, commonly known as Chef Dan, is the founder of Lung Cheung Catering Limited (LCC). LCC offers in-home cooking service provided by senior chef, as well as consultation services on interior design for catering business. He is also the executive chef of “Anytime Catering”, a private kitchen offering fine dining menu and providing a venue for cooking workshops.


Chef Dan has over 20 years of culinary experience in both Chinese and Western gastronomy. He began his chef career in 1999, after he graduated from Chinese Cuisine Training Institute. In 2003, when he pursued knowledge in western culinary arts in Australia, he was hired by a Michelin two-starred restaurant as the head of culinary department. After returning to Hong Kong in 2005, he worked in high end restaurants in Lan Kwai Fong, SOHO, and International Finance Centre (IFC) in Central district.


Chef Dan is a culinary professional committed to the excellence of his production. He set up a food factory to ensure the best quality of his food and catering services for private parties, wedding banquets, and on-site personal chef arrangements. To further promote his good catering practice, he offered newcomers of the industry one-stop services to overcome difficulties in licensing, interior design, recruiting, training, management and operation.

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