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Andraw Tang MSc, BA, has over 30 years of hospitality operations and vocational training. He was appointed by statutory body the Vocational Training Council as the International Liaison and Training Consultant for three institutes, namely the Hotel and Tourism Institute, Chinese Culinary Institute & International Culinary Institute. He was also the former Director of Learning and Development of Langham Hotel Hong Kong.


Andraw’s experience and achievements in hospitality and catering professions have been well recognized by the industry. He was invited to be the Ambassador of Cantonese Cuisine (Hong Kong) for The Food Innovation Academy of Holland (FIA), Chief Secretary of the World Master Chefs Association for Cantonese Cuisine (WMACC), Deputy Chief Secretary of the WMACC (Hong Kong Chapter), and Honorary Member of The Society of The Golden Keys of Hong Kong.


Andraw is an energetic operations management expert with forward thinking and unique insights into the future direction. Embracing the "Can Do" spirit, he advocates solving problems with a "feasible and testable" attitude and creative thinking to optimize results and ensure quality. He adopts “people-oriented” leadership style, and is committed to creating value for all stakeholders. By taking a consulting-led approach, he negotiates with current and potential partners tailor-made solutions, which can always strike a balance between clients’ preferences and practical outcomes, and build a long-term relationship.  

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